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20 Years

Of Experience

Behind The Wheels // 

About Us

A G-Tech started out as a group of friends who gathered togheter to reduce the costs and help with the logistcs of going motor racing.


At the time known as Formula G, the name of the publicity and design company from which it was born, the team entered cars in the Datsun 1200 series (Troféu Datsun 1200), both Historic Rally and Historic Racing National Championships and the Portuguese Endurance Championship.


G-Tech as a professional team was born in 2011 when Formula G created the Single Seater Series. It has since then been providing a prepation and race-assistance service for driver-owned cars as well as an all-inclusive arrive and drive package in its own cars in what currently is the only series for single seater racing in the Portugal.


In 2013 the team had the chance to go back to its roots in historic race cars with the appearence of the Classic Super Stock Series, running the cars in parallel to the single seater program.


Ever since, we have acheived several wins and titles in both series. In the future, we'll not only carry on both these series but are also planning to run cars in other series in Portugal and Europe.


Even though our main motivation is to win, we never tend to forget that it was the passion for motor racing that brought us here, and we believe that with the right choices, one can be competitive and enjoy racing on a sensible budget.

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